Skagerak ATLANTIS -sunshade Ø 330 cm, yellow stripes

Skagerak ATLANTIS -sunshade Ø 330 cm, yellow stripes


Available for order

Delivery time: 2 – 3 weeks

Colour: White, golden yellow, wood

Size: Diameter 330 cm, height 275 cm, pole Ø 4,8 cm

Material: Kapur-wood, teflon treated fabric

Design: Skagerak Design

Take shelter from the sun and enjoy a nice outdoor lunch under the Atlantis umbrella. While the fabric has been reinforced to enhance the strength, the foot of the wooden pole is metal-reinforced to protect against wear and scratches when placed in the foot. A double-pulley system makes it easy for everyone to fold up the umbrella – now ready to keep you cool during hot summer days for many years to come.