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Returns and claims

Transport and product claims

In all cases of problems, please contact our customer service per email:

Upon receipt of the delivery, the customer must without delay check that the delivered products are without defects. The customer must also ensure that the delivery includes all ordered products.

An inspection of the delivery must be made upon arrival of the delivery. If you notice damage to the transport packaging when the product arrives, notify the delivery company immediately at place. Ask the delivery company to make a damage report, i.e. written reserve on bill of delivery stating the damage. Take photos of both the shipping package and the damaged product and send damage description with photos to Nomart customer service, email: If you have opened the shipping package before diagnosing the damage, please report the damage to our customer service immediately in the same manner and with photos. Save the transport package of the product until you receive further instructions from our Nomart customer service.

If the customer finds that the delivery or product is otherwise defective (eg the wrong product delivered), the customer must immediately after noticing the error notify Nomart customer service email and within 7 days at the latest.

If a defect is confirmed, Nomart  has the primary right to correct the defect or deliver a defect-free product within a reasonable time. Nomart as the service provider is liable for the defect of the product in accordance with consumer protection legislation alone or together with the manufacturer or importer of the product.

Product returns

The Customer has the right to cancel an unused product purchased from the online store and return it in the original packaging, by notifying Nomart within 14 days of receiving the product.  The customer must give notice of cancellation no later than the above-mentioned 14 days after receipt of the product. The cancellation notice can be made to the online store’s customer service by e-mail  The return address of the products is Nomart Oy, Kasarmikatu 21, 00130 Helsinki, Finland, tel +358 (0)9 661477.

The right of return under the Consumer Protection Act does not apply to corporate customers.
However, the customer does not have the right to cancel the so-called, a customized product, i.e. a product that is manufactured or modified according to the individual needs and wishes of the customer.

Once the customer has received the product, customer must keep it substantially unchanged and unreduced until customer has decided to keep the goods. If the returned product has been used and is not in its original condition, Nomart has the right to charge a discount up to the full price of the product. Bedlinen and towels are toiletries and must be returned in unopened, original packaging.

Return instructions can be obtained from our online store customer service. The customer must return the canceled product with all parts and accessories in their original packaging without delay and no later than 14 days after sending the cancellation notice.

Nomart will not reimburse the return costs unless the product originally sent to the customer has been incorrect or damaged (delivered wrong or defective product). If the customer wants to return or exchange the product for any other reason (e.g., the customer has ordered the wrong product), the customer is responsible for the transport costs (return and possible retransmission). In the event of a return, please always contact Nomart customer service in advance for more detailed return instructions.

The refund for the returned product will be paid no later than 21 days after Nomart has received and inspected the condition of the returned product. Products that are missing parts or have been modified will not be refunded. The refund will be made using the method of payment by which the customer has paid for the product, unless it is expressly agreed to make the return by another method of payment. There is no cost to the customer for refunding payments.  If the customer cancels the order of the product, the customer will be refunded the price paid by the customer for the product, even if the price of the product has changed later.

In all cases of problems, please contact our customer service per email: