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Carl Hansen & Søn

CH24 Birthday edition 2023: oak oiled, double weave natural papercord

Tilattavissa vain 30.maaliskuuta 2023 saakka. Tuoli pian esillä myös liikkeessämme!


Carl Hansen & Søn once again marks the birthday of Hans J. Wegner on April 2nd with a special edition of the iconic CH24 Wishbone Chair. This year we present the birthday edition in a natural combination of FSC TM-certified oak with double woven paper cord.
The inspiration for this special edition arises from ‘THE LAB’, the Danish-based apprentice workshop of Carl Hansen & Søn, where 20 young aspiring cabinetmakers are trained and educated every year.

The apprentices were commissioned to come up with a design idea for a new seat for the CH24 Wishbone Chair. The best proposal was tested, approved by Hans J. Wegners Tegnestue, and further developed by skilled weave masters at Carl Hansen & Søn.
The CH24 Birthday Edition 2023 features an exclusive small brass plate engraved with Hans J. Wegner’s signature and date of birth discreetly placed on the inside of the frame. It alsocomes with a certificate of authenticity.